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Previously know as the McFarland Family Festival, which started in 1985. The impetus for the festival, which was originally held in what today is Arnold Larson Park, was to provide an opportunity for the community to come together, have fun, and celebrate as nothing like that existed before. It was also to be a way of providing an umbrella event in which all community groups and organizations could participate to raise money and get their message out.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival did not occur in 2020 nor 2021, but while planning for the 2022 festival, new leadership took place. As the new group of volunteers met, it was decided that a fresh logo and name change was needed. Hence why today, you see the festival called, "McFarland Community Festival." This name change was to provide inclusion within the greater McFarland area and that the festival is not solely for families! Additionally, when looking at the updated name as an acronym (MCF), that is a common nickname when referring to McFarland. This is also symbolized in the letters within logo. Upon the new name, a new logo was created as well, which represents community inclusion and togetherness.


The McFarland Community Festival consists of various members of the McFarland community who meet on a monthly basis. The 2023 committee of volunteers include:

  • Stephanie Brassington, President

  • Leah Herro, Vice President

  • Heidi Cox, Festival Secretary & Library Director

  • Don Peterson, Treasurer

  • Nona Havey, One Community Bank Representative

  • Kristin Ellis

  • Lori Koffarnus

  • Mary Pat Lytle, Lions Club Representative

  • Karin Mandli, Library Board Representative

  • John Maniaci

  • Stephanie Miller

  • Mona Nelson

  • Michael Tiboris

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