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Who do you want to see kiss a pig after Sunday's parade? Whichever nominee makes the most money donations will! The contest begins Tuesday, September 5, 2023. Donations of any size count!

Donation locations:

  • E.D. Locke Public Library

  • McFarland House Café

  • McFarland Municipal Center

  • One Community Bank – McFarland

  • Parade route (Sunday only during the parade)

  • Spartan Nutrition

Cassandra - Kiss the Pig Photo - 09.08.2023.png
Cassandra Suettinger
  • Village Deputy Administrator/Clerk

  • Nominated by 2022 recipient: Matt Schuenke​

  • Charity of choice: McFarland Food Pantry

Craig Howery - Kiss the Pig Photo - 09.08.2023.jpeg
Craig Howery
Shaun OHearn - Kiss the Pig Photo - 09.08.2023.png
Shaun O'Hearn
  • Owner of the McFarland House Café

  • Nominated by 2022 recipient: Chief Aaron Chapin

  • Charity of choice: The Trevor Project


Kiss the Pig was a tradition that started in the adolescent years (1980s) of the Festival. Prominent leaders and/or organizations within the McFarland community were nominated as participants to kiss a pig if enough funds were raised for their charity of choice. Money collections were placed throughout McFarland prior to the Festival. Come the day of the Festival's parade, nominees were given one last chance to raise funds by walking through the parade. Over time, Festival committee members changed and  the tradition faded away.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, when the Festival reemerged in 2022, the committee decided to bring back this tradition. Similar to when it started, prominent leaders in McFarland were nominated (see previous nominees below) to raise money for their charity of choice.

Each year, you can expect to see money collection stations throughout McFarland a few weeks prior to the Festival. It's a way to get the community involved and support various charities. It's also kind of fun to see a prominent leader in the community kiss a pig, too! We encourage everyone to consider donating to the nominee you want to see kiss a pig the most. Every donation makes an impact, not matter how small!

2022 Kiss the Pig in Parade_edited
2022 Nominees at Parade
Black and pink piglet
Matt Schuenke and Aaron Tarnutzer after parade
Chief Aaron Chapin standing in a group of people after parade
Kiss the Pig group 1991
Kiss the Pig 1991
Kiss the pig 1991
Kiss the pig



  • Aaron Chapin, Chief of McFarland Police

    • Charity of Choice:​ WI C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors)

  • Aaron Tarnutzer, McFarland School District Superintendent

    • Charity of Choice: McFarland Food Pantry​

  • Matt Schuenke, Village Administrator

    • Charity of Choice: ​McFarland Youth Center

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